Why use a designer?

The best reasons to use a designer are: A client using a designer benefits from the designers many years of experience as well as trade discounts and good taste. This priceless experience saves expensive mistakes made by a novice, opens doors to trade showrooms where a client has the opportunity to purchase unique furnishings, saves time to source all the furnishings and makes their designing experience a great experience.

Why shop the trade?

When you shop the trade it gives you and your client the opportunity to design (or buy) furnishings specifically for the job, use products that are available from all over the world and products that are the best quality.

What is your most valued design tip?

Your home should be designed for your taste and your families specific needs.

What makes your style unique?

I design a home that is unique for the individual family and that is appropriate for the property and very comfortable.

Who is your design icon and why?

My design icon is Billy Baldwin. His work was very of the moment, not too modern and the furnishings were very good quality.

If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be and why?

I would live to be a comfy, quilted club chair and ottoman. Because, it is my (and my families) favorite place to do everything, nap, unwind, read the paper, use the IPad, watch TV, have dinner on a tray, talk on the phone, read, a book, look out the window….it is the best place in the house!!!

What is your ideal getaway/escape?

My ideal getaway is Venice. I love Venice because of the history, architecture, fashion, travel by boats, artistry and the wonderful food.

Name three things you cannot live without:

I cannot live without….New York City…..Friends and Family…..The Arts and Culture around me