Why use a designer?

Working with a designer saves clients so much frustration, wasted time and overwhelm. A seasoned, great designer knows to ask who you are, help you explore aesthetics you haven’t considered, asks you to dream a little and will design a home that is so much more than a copy of a magazine page. A great designer taps into their clients’ past, present and future and delivers a little magic, without forgetting about the practicalities of timing, budget and lifestyle.

Why shop the trade?

Shopping the trade opens up possibilities that are otherwise hidden away from the retail consumer. The quality of trade product is much better than retail options, style options are plenty and being able to customize size, finish and fabrics is what makes a project really come to life.

What is your most valued design tip?

A solidly conceived furniture plan is the key to a successful room; not one purchase should be made without one being done for your home. And explore various aesthetics before selecting items- you’ll be surprised at what you find you love.

What makes your style unique?

Great style is about a sophisticated mix of product, color and periods, expertly woven together. Details make all the difference and quality overrides quantity, every time. Our style is always tailored, client- driven, and proportioned well. And we love to incorporate at least one completely unique or unexpected item in every room- it’s an element that brings life to a space.

Who is your design icon and why?

I gain inspiration from so many it’s impossible to select just one. Jules Leleu, Billy Baldwin, Florence Knoll, Charlotte Perriand for a start…

If you were a piece of furniture, what would you want to be and why?

A chaise lounge- I love to encourage my clients to dream and to design a part of their home as a place to escape and achieve the peace and quiet and thinking space we all crave. A chaise always seems like a place to do all that, it’s a little gift to oneself.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

I started design school in fashion so I’ve a real appreciation for technical and aesthetic aspects of fashion.  On one hand, I adore Dolce & Gabbana, on the other I have a real soft spot for Marni and a love for Lanvin- in all I have a sincere appreciation for their attention to cut, tailoring and to pattern play- it’s always most flattering and exactly the right dose.

What is your ideal getaway/escape and why?

Somewhere warm, disconnected from electronic tethers, with family. Ideally we start with some city time where we can explore architecture and culture, we end with countryside to recharge and reconnect.

What is your favorite movie set?

The apartment in Auntie Mame- it’s a master-lesson in how one space can be reinterpreted successfully in so many different ways.

Name three things you cannot live without:

Jeans, Decaf Americanos, my family