LINDSAY WEISS directs the architectural design practice at Weiss Turkus Projects. She brings over ten years of high-end design experience to the firm, and has completed custom residential projects in NYC, the Hamptons, and West Palm Beach. From conceptual designs to precise millwork details, her work is marked by a sophisticated fusion of historical tradition and contemporary innovation. Through a process of close collaboration with forward thinking clients and innovation craftspeople, she is able to provide the highest level of service to each project.

NOAH TURKUS is the driving force behind the interior design practice of Weiss Turkus Projects. He has been designing since completion of his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Initially, Noah was introduced to the world of design while working with Lisa Vandenburgh Ltd. in Washington, D.C. He then furthered his design expertise at the Parsons School of Design and by working in some of New York’s finest shops and design firms. With a passion for design fueled by an enthusiasm for the arts and music, Noah listens closely to his clients and helps them realize their individual and unique dreams. After conceiving an overall plan, he specs it, orders it, installs it and adds the layers of detail and beauty that bring each home to life. His interiors leave no bookshelf unadorned, no wall unhung, no vignette unstyled.

Together, Lindsay and Noah create exciting architectural and design projects, bringing their own unique experiences to the collaboration. Weiss Turkus Projects strives to furnish their clients with spaces that reflect their own personalities, filtered through WTP’s modern eclectic lens.

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Why use a designer?

A designer—or design team in our case—brings a vision and collective experience to the client that they would not have on his or her own. We have the unique ability to interpret, organize, and prioritize a client’s design intention so that we can all begin to speak the same language.

Why shop the trade?

Admission to a world of customizable options.

What is your most valued design tip?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and when you feel that decisions are being made for you, that the style of a room is taking on a life of its own like a ball of snow collecting and aggregating as it rolls down a hill, let go and follow the momentum.

What makes your style unique?

A fusion of two approaches, one from an architect and the other from an interior designer.

Who is your design icon and why?

Piet Boon for palette, proportion and subtle detailing; Steven Volpe for his sculptural eclectic mix.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Martin Margiela for his incredibly unique deconstruction of seemingly random materials and objects, reconstructing them into cohesive garmets, an approach highly appropriate to interiors as well.

What is your ideal getaway/escape?

Madrid, followed by Marbella, with a hint of Naoshima.

What is your favorite movie set?

The eyes of Laura Mars—overwhelming and overdone 1970s high glam Manhattan to a T—tone on tone neutral palette, metal detailing, Springer, it all fits the plot like a tight suede and cashmere driving glove.

Name three things you cannot live without:

Farrow and Ball paint deck, sunglasses, sketchbook